David SIMON, Freelance Translator

Welcome to my Web site dedicated to translating from English to French. Whether you are an individual, a small business, a multinational, an agency or a publisher, I can help you. Here you will find my profile, my fields of expertise and the different services I can offer.

You will find my contact information here. I will gladly answer all of your questions and together we will find a way to fill all of your needs. Just know that I will never accept a request if I feel that I cannot produce a translation of high quality but if that is the case then I can probably still refer you to another professional.

The benefits of working with a freelancer:

- Price: No intermediaries with operating costs and their own margin. Freelancers offer the best prices on the market. Be wary of prices that are too attractive, however, as producing a high-quality translation takes time. Fixing a bad translation might be more expensive than making a new one from scratch and will waste your precious time.

- Direct contact: Communicate directly with the translator. You can easily receive status updates on the progress of the work and your needs will be quickly addressed by the translator.

- Quality and consistency: Only one person works on your translation, so the style and quality will be consistent throughout the process. When several translators are involved in the same project, it is not uncommon to find variation in the tone, terminology, style or even quality, which can confuse your readers.