French Translation of your English texts

I can translate documents of any kind. I will convert your English text into a French text while using the terminology of your sector and taking into account any cultural gap and the specifications that you give me.

My prices are tailor-made, they can vary depending on the quality and format of the documents to translate or any treatment needed to extract the text. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote in the contact page, with all the files or links that must be translated. It is also possible to give me a terminology list.

If your sector is not listed, there is no need to panic! There are many sectors where any translator can work, only a very small number requires fully specialized or sworn translators. It does not hurt to ask!


Translation in a few words...

Translation services do not just include the translation of a text from a language to another. The translator reads the documents a first time to get a global understanding, detects technical or ambiguous terms, finds documentation and asks the client or project manager if further information is needed. Sometimes he needs to process the documents into his CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools that allow him to be more efficient and organized. He can then begin the translation, which can be time-consuming if complex (technical terms, cultural gaps, puns...). Once the translation is over, he needs to edit and proofread several times (checking the translation, spelling, grammar, punctuation, typography, style, headings, consistency...) to make sure that the text is of the best quality.

The translator only translates in his mother tongue. It is unnatural to write in a foreign language and the translator will have a very hard time to produce a high-quality text. Translators will sometimes agree to do it if the style does not matter or if the text is only intended for personal use or for a small number of readers.