Board Game Translation

I can take care of all your needs for board gaming translation. I will translate everything from English to French: the rulebook, the cards, the components, the artwork, the box... You can send me the content to translate in text files, Word or Excel. It is the simplest and most economical mean.

I can also work from the finished product or prototype and I will extract the data before translating for a small fee. I can also directly integrate the translation into the artwork if the changes are light.

Do not hesitate to give me everything you have on the game (videos, Websites...). It is of utmost importance that I grasp the rules before translating.


Why me?

Not only have I always been passionate about board gaming, but I also own a large French and English collection of games. I am used to reading and explaining rules, so I can write them clearly, to use the appropriate vocabulary for beginners and to make the reading natural for veterans. Furthermore, I will not hesitate to pinpoint ambiguous or incomplete rules, which will give you the opportunity to fix your original or deliver an erratum or a FAQ of your rules.

If you have other products in the advertisement sector that you want to be translated, do not hesitate to contact me!

Do you still have any doubts? Here is a link to my blog dedicated to board gaming (sorry it is in French only!):