Website Translation

I can take care of all your needs for Website translation (Internet or Intranet). I will translate their content from English to French using the terminology of your company and sector. You can send me the content to translate in text files, Word or Excel. It is the simplest and most economical mean.

You can also give me a list of the links that must be translated with your instructions. The price can vary according to the number of links and the necessary work to extract the content of the Website.

You can also grant me access to your CRM (Content Management System) and I can directly translate on your Website. This could be the best solution for both of us.


Why me?

After 11 years spent in programming, I am familiar with quite a number of tools and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is rather uncommon in the translation business. I have worked on countless Web applications with a language management system. I am familiar with the challenges of localization and can do the work so that your Website stays operational. Even though I obviously do not know all the existing technologies, my training and experience allow me to appropriate it quickly.